Super Junior ft f(x) – Oops! Lyric


So Ladies, I know y’all feel me. Them boys are always be bluffin’
Tryin’ to feel like they’re the man. Trying to be in control
Thinkin’ they’re always right. But they just don’t get it

bbeongeul chyeodo yubun suji yaejom boge (Uh huh)
nuga jaene heo pungdeul jom maga bollae (Uh oh)
tto shijaki ne ibman yeolmyeon makmu ganae (Huh!)
(Stop it) Oops! Oops! (They’re sayin’) Oops! Oops!

[Look at this kid!!
This kid bluffing so hard
Can someone please stop them from bluffing
Started again, they are being stubborn
(Stop it) Oops! Oops! (They’re sayin’) Oops! Oops!]

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